About Us


Plush Brush is Indonesia’s home-grown beauty brand, notably known for its accessible luxury brushes.

High-quality makeup brushes at decent price have always been hard to obtain in Indonesia. Faced with limited choices, our founder turned her frustration into an idea – and that was when Plush Brush was born.

Out of realization that one does not have to forgo quality for price, Plush Brush strives to create a line of luxury brushes that combines the best materials, design and functionality with a lean production.

Add our love for animals into the equation and you’ve got the perfect recipe for Plush Brush.



Choosing Plush Brush goes beyond purchasing makeup brushes – it’s a lifestyle change.

1. Handcrafted

At Plush Brush, every brush is handmade by skilled craftsmen and we pride ourselves on using only the finest sustainable materials.

2. Hypoallergenic

All our brushes are made with hypoallergenic synthetic bristles, designed to soothe Asian skin which is more sensitive and prone to irritation.

Plush Brush's bristles are made of high-grade synthetic Taklon, known for their ultra softness and quality. Synthetic brushes are also easier to clean, repel bacteria and dirt better and are less likely to cause skin irritation compared to natural brushes.

3. Cruelty-free

Here at Plush Brush, we’ve always been passionately against animal cruelty. We believe no animal deserves to be caged, or even be killed, to produce such beautiful things as makeup brushes.

You can have a peace of mind knowing that Plush Brush only use synthetic alternative to animal hairs in all our brushes.

You too have the power to make the difference. Say NO to animal cruelty. 

If you believe in these causes as much as we do, please help spread the words about Plush Brush. Little by little, we can advocate the changes that we want to see in our beauty community.